The WI Photography Class started in Spring of this year and we have had a very enthusiastic group, which is continuing still. The basis of the course is to help the ladies improve their photographic skills and be more confident in using their cameras.

We have a mixed group of ladies, those that like to use their mobile phones and tablets, to those with digital cameras and lenses.

The Group has covered the basics of photography, such as rules of the thirds, composure, focus, exposures, shutter speeds and apertures, and much more. The class has been asked to take pictures of chosen subjects such as flowers, pets, portraits and landscapes each session, and together we’ve reviewed them, offering advice on any little potential pitfalls, and tips on how to improve, or congratulate (there has been some exceptional photographs).

In the coming months we focus on post-process with programmes such as Adobe Photoshop and ON1, covering the basics through to advanced tips and techniques. We will also be taking advantage of the darker evenings and night photography.

Gill Whitling